Recent cards installed but can not showing

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  • Have anybody got this problem before? Just installed the recent cards plugin but can not shown in main page, I have rebuilt nodebb already.

    How to solve it?

  • @jinfagang Have you put the "recent cards" widget on your page? of the plugin:

    Then head over to Admin -> Extend -> Widgets and place the widget. Additional settings can be found at Admin -> Plugins -> Recent Cards.

  • @jtsimoes How to add? any screen shots? I enabled it already but rebuilt can not found it, here is my site:

  • @jinfagang Check all these steps:

    1. Install your plugin via "Find Plugins" on ACP plugins page.
    2. Enable your plugin on ACP.
    3. Rebuild and restart your NodeBB forum.
    4. Config the "Recent Cards" plugin in your own way at ACP plugin settings page and save by clicking on "Save Settings".
    5. Go to Extend -> Widgets and drag the "Recent Cards" widget on "Available Widgets" dropdown menu to the "Categories Header" on categories.tpl (or wherever other page you want), like that:
    6. Save by hitting on the floppy disk at bottom right side.
    7. Go to categories list page (by default, it is the homepage) and see the result.

    (NOTE: You must have at least one newly created topic to show on Recent Topics, otherwise the widget will not appear!)

  • I have the same problem as described in this thread.

    Have done all of the above; added Recent Cards to the Category Header, but it's a no-show.

    Scratching my head. Any advice?

    forum at:

  • Solved.

    Plugin config issue.

    Default setting was to display posts from 'Registered Users Only'... meaning I couldn't see the cards for topics I had created.

    Weird though... should have been a couple of cards from other users, but they didn't display until I changed that setting.

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