Disabled categories when creating post

  • I have set up a number of categories and disabled some of them, it looks like this in admin panel.

    But when creating a new post, user still can choose disabled categories!

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a category
    2. Disable it
    3. During creation of new topic, choose a disabled category in the categories list. Your new topic will be rejected, because of insufficient rights.

    Expected behavior:
    Disabled category should disappear from everywhere, including categories list when creatign topic.

  • NodeBB

    What is your git hash?

  • Git hash is 53af9ec2e806c25a2933ca8440e3f8d21e74bcd5
    I just did a clean setup recently, maybe a week ago.

  • NodeBB

    Can you post a screenshot of the settings page from one of the categories?

  • NodeBB

    I made some fixes to the composer for disabled categories, will be available in next release. Thanks for reporting.

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