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  • Hi People

    I have the version 1.11.1 of nodebb, and my recent-cards(1.0.7) suddenly stopped to work.

    I tried to remove it, build nodebb, install the plugin again, build again but nothing happens.

    In the logs there are no errors and just 2 references to the recent-cards

    io: 21 on [ { type: 2,
        nsp: '/',
        id: 1,
         [ 'admin.plugins.toggleInstall',
           { id: 'nodebb-plugin-recent-cards', version: '1.0.7' } ] } ]
    io: 21 on [ { type: 2,
        nsp: '/',
        id: 8,
        data: [ 'admin.plugins.toggleActive', 'nodebb-plugin-recent-cards' ] } ]

    Any insights?

  • @Leonardo-Galani It does not stop working... It's not enough just install and enable the plugin, you have to create a widget on ACP "Widgets" page.

    Read the README of the plugin:
    " Then head over to Admin -> Extend -> Widgets and place the widget. Additional settings can be found at Admin -> Plugins -> Recent Cards. "

    And sometimes, when upgrading your NodeBB, the widgets disappear from the fields you put them and go to the "Draft Zone".

  • meh.. recent cards didnt need a widget in the past....

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