nodebb-plugin-mention fix allowing Redactor to send notifications to mentioned groups

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    Hi Devs,


    I found a weird problem:

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Post a new topic and mention a group.
    2. Create a callback and wait for action:notification.pushed
    3. Print the uids.

    The first callback will send a message to all followers.
    There used to be a second callback sending the same to the groups. I don't see that anymore.

    My code is synced to master as of today's AM.

    Any idea?

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    Looks like the issue stems from the Mention plugin.
    Mentions.notify returns early since the regex was not successful identifying a match. See below failed code.
    @julian and @baris this might be a bug.

    Mentions.notify = function(data) {
    	var postData =;
    	var cleanedContent = Mentions.clean(postData.content, true, true, true);
    	var matches = cleanedContent.match(rawRegex);
    	if (!matches) {
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    Hi @julian and @baris,

    Took some time to review the plugin code and twitter's @Mention code. Originally I thought the issue was due to non-unicode regex, but it turns out your search string was perfect.

    I should have mentioned that I am using nodebb-plugin-composer-redactor (and yeah, I am dying to replace it with nodebb-plugin-composer-quill once the plugin is completed 🙂 - its almost showtime: see:

    Well, it turns out that redactor inserts html tags into the post content, and while the mention plugin was 99.9999(+Ɛ)% redactor proof, it was missing a tiny piece of code that gets rid of the tags.

    To that end, kindly consider the following very minor changes to the mention plugin:

    1. In package.json add the lib:
    "striptags": "^3.1.1"
    1. In library.js add striptags:

    Line 20:

    var striptags = require('striptags');

    Line: 80:

    var cleanedContent = Mentions.clean(striptags(postData.content, [], '\n'), true, true, true);

    That's it. Once done, Redactor will work with Mentions and RTL languages will be supported as a bonus.

    You may want to close the below issue in github once said changes are committed:

    I got to learn Regex today and went to sleep dreaming of solving the mysteries of the universe with unicode search strings.

    Have fun 😉

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    For anyone ending in this thread - this issue was fixed by @julian in version 2.5.

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