Moderator-Badges and Overview

Solved Feature Requests
  • A user should be able to see which moderator is reponsible for which category, for example by a small info bar/text for each category (automated).

    There should maybe be a group for every category where a simple non-global moderator exists, manually this is way too much work. In posts, they should be highlighted using some badge - but ONLY for that category which they are moderator. I don't want to see his/her "Mod"-Badge when he/she posts in a category which isn't where she is a moderator if that makes sense.

    It would be nice to see all moderators of a group when clicking on a category. Like a small panel or something.

  • There is a widget to display the list of moderators for a category.

    To display a mod badge for the moderators in their category I just recently created my own plugin. Be warned that it is in really early alpha and currently mainly focused on my own forum:

  • @Dravere It works quite well. Is it possible to not show it for Global Moderators? It looks weird when Global Mods have both badges (which is also seperated by the post time, causing it too look even uglier).

    Or maybe move the badge behind the time, not after like it is now.

  • I would love to move it. But I'm not sure if it is possible.

    Disabling it for global moderator should be possible. I'll have a look at it. There is still several things I'd want to do with this plugin. The name is actually really the target. I just really wanted the mod badges in for the maintenance window I had to upgrade to 1.10.2 🙂

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