Hosted NodeBBs now backed up using Tarsnap

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  • Glad to report that as of today, April 25th, all instances of our Premium Hosted platform benefit from backups stored via the Tarsnap backup service.

    Our previous backup solution consisted of local file system backups of each instance's database contents, persisted to the local file system. This had two shortcomings:

    • Backups were not hosted off-site (a big no-no! 😦)
    • Uploaded files in /public/uploads were not backed up

    I'm glad to say that both of these shortcomings have now been addressed. Luckily, we have never had to restore a NodeBB instance from back up, thanks to our reliable hosting from DigitalOcean. Hopefully, we'll never have to 😄

    Interested in having us host a NodeBB for you? Check us out at!

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