Missing translation string: user:watched_categories

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  • General information:
    NodeBB-Version: v1.10.2
    MongoDB: v3.6.8
    NodeJS: v8.12.0
    npm: 6.4.1
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
    Language: German (de-DE)
    Installation directory: /srv/nodebb/
    Guide used: https://docs.nodebb.org/installing/os/ubuntu/

    Following strings are not definied outside of en-GB:

    (And this, although it didn't cause any error till now) pages:account/watched_categories

    And according to my grep inside nodebb/public/language/, only en-GB has this translation, while other languages don't. This string is translated to German on Transifex. Yet it's not implemented into the latest installation and causes errors and weird bugs on the link for watched categories on the profile when using non en-GB languages.

  • This string? It seems to be translated 😕

    Nevertheless, I'll do a push of source strings now, there may be other strings that are untranslated 🙂

  • Also, the Post quick reply button of the default theme (as well as other texts) are also not translated. This is tho, there is variable set for translation. @julian

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