Server-side skins, and no-refresh login/logout

NodeBB Development
  • Hello all,

    Just a note that we're testing two new features on this forum right now, both of which should be available on latest master

    gh#6849 and gh#6841

    Refactor skins to be built on server-side

    We used to have skins overlaid on top of the existing UI, and that caused some minor conflicts when we defined some colours and the skin had other ideas. We now compile the skin into the main stylesheet itself (now renamed client.css, by the way), which should reduce the incidence of stylesheet conflicts.

    No-refresh login/logout

    Almost all of NodeBB was a single-page app, except for login and logout, which happened to do a full reload of the page. We wanted to make the entire app seamless, so logins and logouts simply re-render the header now, and set local variables as appropriate. Let us know if you notice any oddities after logging in, out, or registering.

    Github issues

  • I've been noticing some UI issues every time a user logs in or out.
    Basically right after you log in, some of the styles do not get picked up (i.e. logo becomes larger, recent-topic cards stop displaying content). Refreshing the page fixes the issue but this is not ideal.

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