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    Is it possible to temporarily change the topic POST limits for the nodebb-plugin-write-api?

    Currently, I have a JSON filled with backups from my old forum. I have been using the write API so that I can import all our forum posts over to our new NodeBB forum.

    I created new users in NodeBB which map to all the old users in the old forum. My next step is to use the write-api to use all the stored pids per post and per topic to import all topics and posts to the new NodeBB forum.

    The biggest problem I am having with this approeach is that I am running into POST limits. I get the following error when I post 6 times in a row with 1000 ms delays to the /api/v2/topics/:tid route:

    { code: 'internal-server-error', message: '[[error:too-many-posts-newbie, 120, 3]]', params: {} } } }

    I looked into the error message, and I found it to be:

    "too-many-posts-newbie": "As a new user, you can only post once every %1 second(s) until you have earned %2 reputation - please wait before posting again"

    Now, I realize I probably should have just used an importer, but I did not think of looking for a plugin to import users/categories/topics/posts from an old forum until I had already written all the scripts necessary to use the write-api for that very purpose.

    Is there any way to temporarily allow unlimited posts for new users? Or another workaround using the write-api?

    Thank you guys!

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    @dannydk6-0 in admin ports. Settings -> Posts


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    ☝ That's the one, just disable the new user restrictions temporarily and import away 🙂

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