[resolved] Can't see some Categories after moving its

Technical Support
  • Hi,

    I moved some categories into another one
    |> Child1
    > Child2
    |_> Child3
    If I remembered well, in child 2, I did something like "copy he parameters of the child3"

    Now I can't see Parent and children. (Bu I see titles containers in children in home).
    When I clic on a title, I have no error and cant reach it.

    I really don't know how to debug it or get back my datas. There is no error in logs.

    Some tips would be precious to me...


  • Ok I found pfff...

    My "Parent" had as parent, "Parent". So I removed it thanks to http://.../admin/manage/categories/* urls...

    Would be great to be forbidden or something logged 馃槈


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