Ability to not render some widgets on some mature topics - Google ads

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  • We are using Google ads in a widget on our topic pages, while most of our forum content is family safe, but sometimes users post mature 18+ content, google gives us warning to remove google ads from those pages, but we cannot remove ads specifically from 18+ pages, if we remove or hide the widget, then the ads are removed from ALL topics.

    Is there any way we can have a tag for e.g on a topic, and those widgets will not render on those specific pages with let's say 18+ tag, if there is no such tag present on a topic then the widgets should render normally.

    Any ideas?

    i will create a github issue as well as a development suggestion. @julian

  • Yes, I think that makes sense... the adsense plugin (that's what you're using, right?) can be modified and be instructed to look for a specific tag if you don't want ads to be shown on that page...

    However, it might lead to people abusing that tag so their topics don't show ads... just saying 😄

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