How to hide the topic who is deleted?

  • How to hide the topic who is deleted?

  • custom css

    .deleted {
    display: none;

    but how to still allow moderators to see?

  • @qqqqqqq this might be a problem if a user mistakenly deletes the topic.

    We have a private sub-category called "deleted topics" and only admins and moderators can see this sub-category...

    when a moderator sees a deleted topic on the forum, they move it to this special category, so deleted topics can be checked, discussed, edited, or revived if necessary.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @crazycells That is the correct approach. For a number of reasons, we cannot simply remove the record of a soft-deleted topic or post (because we also want it to be visible to moderators, etc.)

    Using a separate category for "trash" or similar is an acceptable workaround.

  • @julian I think "this topic is deleted" text is unnecessary. If admins login to forum they see it is deleted. Why guests see this topic is deleted text? Guest shoul not see anything about deleted topic. I use Flarum and its behaviour is better for that.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @ayyilmaz It is because it is difficult for us to remove that post from the index and still maintain the correct number of posts per page.

    We make certain tradeoffs in exchange for speed, and this is one of them. When you load a page, you will get however many posts you asks for, no more, no less, including deleted posts.

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