[nodebb-plugin-openfantasy] Full-fledged RPG system for NodeBB

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  • @julian said:

    @fmartingr I recommend you use Transifex to host/manage translations for it, like we do for NodeBB 🙂

    Isn't it better that the owner of the project is the one to create the transifex translation project?

  • Looks neat!

    Can this be used to play DnD?

  • Like actual GM and creating a map etc? Maybe one day 😛 But the battle does follow classical DnD rules / formulas

  • @psychobunny No, not like that in the common sense. Maps and images can be inserted, that's no biggie. I was thinking more along the lines of multiple topics(modules) where a user can create different aliases/characters with their own stats. And a dice roller, of course 🙂

    PS: dungeonmaster.ru is an example of whaat I want it to be like.

  • This was updated 4 months ago. Are there any plans to be updated anytime soon ? I just installed it on v0.5.0-3. it seems it works great, but half options are comming soon

  • Definitely my pet project, it has been for a while from phpBB days a good 10 years ago. I'd love to continue it and definitely would love to find some of the old developers who have hopefully picked up node.js over PHP

  • Amazing. I google Advanced Dungeon's and Rabbits the other day to see if there is any new information on it and I find that the RPG system is not only still around, but that some work is being done to bring it back to life. I love those screenshots, it looks exactly the way that I remember it did back in the day. I never had a lot of experience with too many other BBS systems. I donated some money to a site and we got Inferno RPG, but to be perfectly honest, compared to ADR it sucked. I'm definitely bookmarking this board, I want to keep up to date with any information that I can. Keep up the incredible work, you've got quite a few cheerleaders here for you!

  • We are all ready to test errr break it when the time comes

  • I installed this today and all the images are broken 😕 Any tips / ideas?

  • Keep up the incredible work, you've got quite a few cheerleaders here for you!


    I installed this today and all the images are broken 😕 Any tips / ideas?

    0.4.3 introduced some changes in the static dirs, same problem happened with my cash mod as well. I need to update, will do I promise before 0.5x release 🙂

  • @psychobunny I'd tried to install this plugin today, but it ended with crash, and had to uninstall it 😞 I have my hosting on openshift cloud fyi. Do you know waht may be wrong?

    P.S.think it could easily be converted into gamification plugin, don't you think so? 😉

  • @Kacper-Domański, I don't believe the plugin is completed. I'm also unsure if it was updated for 0.5.x

  • This looks......AWESOME!! And INTENSE.

    I couldn't tell by the images but does this have PVP? Would be marvelous if I could kick some butt and have the #1 rank on my forum lol

  • Wow, I can't believe this is happening ;-).

    FWIW, I also have my "ADR" pack : https://github.com/vendethiel/ezarena

    It has a lot of ADR mods: https://github.com/vendethiel/ezarena/blob/master/mods.txt#L422
    (it was based upon ShadowTek's ADR0.3.4 premod, then I upgraded it by hand to 0.4.5 and added/updated tons of mods...)
    (sorry, the descriptions are in french... All in all, it's a big premod I made last year because I was bored w/o internet hahaha)

    Really happy to see this :-). Great work! I have quite some nodejs experience, so if you can get it up to a "usable" state, feel free to ping me to start porting plugins over!

  • Oh very cool @Nami-Doc, what was your username down at ADR, I don't recall your username? 🙂

    I had a quick glance at your mod list and I don't see any of mine that you are using, so maybe I feel a bit sad 😜

    ADR for phpBB2 has always been my passion since about 2005, and I would really, really love to have this ported over. I unfortunately have too much things to do with NodeBB, but I promise that this is always in the back of my mind. One day it will be finished! 🙂

    EDIT: For some reason I do seem to find a lot of french ADR users. Must be the Dr. DLP / Lapin Malin connection 🙂

  • @psychobunny I was really young back then, and my english was terrible (rightfully so, as a french guy...). I still posted a few messages as "Informpro", though.

    I don't have any of your mods, are you sure? I have the Xtreme mods, I thought you made those. (I only have one installed, because I don't really like eval, I'm sure you understand hahaha) I tried to integrate "AJAX for ADR", but it had a few security issues, so I've ended up no doing it. It's a cool idea, though!
    Anyways, by now, the adr-rpg.com AND adr-support.com forums are down (they were actually up in 2013!), it's kind-of hard to find mods.
    I think there was a pack on the last forums (just before the facebook page), but I don't have it anymore... (I just pushed a lot of changes to fix a lot of mods conflicting.)

    It actually should be pretty easy to "standalone-ize", but I don't think there are many people who would be interested to inherit a 2005 codebase like that... Hahahaha. That's why your project is so cool :). Bringing some fresh air!

    (yes, Dr. DLP was a big name in the french community, but I just got to AD&R because a premodded board from "ezcom-fr.com" used it, and I liked it... I guess we all come from premodded boards :P)

    Anyways... Nobody's gonna use my thing... I just made it because I was nostalgic... So at some point I'll try to give you a hand here... You have events, at least. All my files (adr_battle, adr_character, adr_zones, ...) are like 3k to 4k lines long hahaha. And I tried to refactor some of those!

    EDIT: I used the wayback machine to find a list of your mods (on adr-rpg.com). However, I only have the names there... Hehehe.
    I just need to find a .rar of all the ADR mods... But I might have it already...

    • Unlock Secrets
    • Guild HQ (I have subforums+ installed, so I need to make pretty big changes to the mod)
    • Learn Skill
    • Item status and advanced enchanting
    • Shop NPC mod
    • Monster NPCs battles
    • Store Hours
    • Event logs
    • ADR Tournaments
    • Buffs (I actually thought I had it :o.)
      I'm going to install them, because you were a big name back then..:) thanks for your amazing work on ADR itself and your mods!
  • Oh hey informpro, I definitely remember you. Nice to see you around 🙂

    Yeah eval back in 2005 was "okay" (the wild west days of programming :P). It was basically the only way I could think of to do customization/plugin-like functionality at the time.

    Our NodeBB plugin architecture doesn't use anything crazy like that at all 🙂 Well I should have all the mods somewhere on old hard drives or burn on DVD's somewhere, if there's something you're looking for and can't find, feel free to ask 🙂

  • Our NodeBB plugin architecture doesn't use anything crazy like that at all 🙂

    Yes, it's much better :-). I'd even say, better than phpBB3.1's plugin system ... Looks good.

    Well I should have all the mods somewhere on old hard drives or burn on DVD's somewhere, if there's something you're looking for and can't find, feel free to ask 🙂

    Hehe, I actually found a ZIP I was looking for...

    I have 'em all.

    Seeing your work actually really motivated me to try and do something...
    I've done a lot of changes in the past week, LOL. Guess I'm ready to work on plugins for here if it comes to it :P.

    It gave me a better overall view of what I expect from ADR... This one's doomed due to the codebase (even though I fixed a lot of stupid stuff... Like NSEW navigation using zone names instead of IDs... and lots of stuff like that), but it's still good for me because NOSTALGY :P.

    I actually realize now it wouldn't be so hard to just have it as a standalone RPG, it's not touching much of phpBB. But hey, who wants to play that PHP stuff rather than new cool in-browser FPS they're capable of doing these days? (and who wants to maintain it... haha)

  • Damn, this brings me back, it's good to see you still out there @psychobunny. I remember testing ADR in the early stages and running a number of websites with it on phpBB2. I'm definitely going to be setting this up and doing some work with this.

    I have literally thousands and thousands of 2D sprites and map tiles (from my previous 2D MMORPG) that I am going to package up this weekend and post here, they are completely free for you all to use on this project. I hope everyone can take advantage of them.

  • This is fascinating.

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