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  • Have a small problem with nodebb-plugin-ns-custom-fields (, installed it, builded NodeBB once again, the "Custom Fields" appeared in "extensions", added key/names, but don't know why added by me new custom fields are not visible in the user profile. Any help?

    I think I shall place small piece of code mentioned here to display it, but the question is where?

    Would be really glad for help.

  • No one?
    I tried to insert the code into many places, but still can't figure out. Anyone is at least aware if this shall work with v1.7.5?

    <!-- IMPORT partials/account/custom_fields_flex.tpl -->
  • Solved by myself, this documentation could be a bit updated for easier implementation, for those who will the same problem, let me give necessary steps:

    1. Install the plugin
    2. Rebuild then restart NodeBB
    3. Add some custom fields
    4. You can edit them by going to edit profile and "Change Extra"
    5. To display them in user profile, in case if you're using Person theme, go to nodebb-theme-person -> templates -> account -> profile.tpl
    6. Paste the code wherever you want it do be visible
    <!-- IF customFields.length -->
    <div class="custom-fields">
     <!-- BEGIN customFields -->
     <div class="custom-field-item">
      <span class="field-label">{}</span>
      <span class="field-value">{customFields.value}</span>
     <!-- END customFields -->
    <!-- ENDIF customFields.length -->
    1. Rebuild then restart NodeBB

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