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  • Hello,

    we started using NodeBB just recently and I stumbled upon a problem.

    When I edit the first post of a topic (just the message, not the topic title) it's not displaying in the category anymore. I can still see it in recent topics but not in the category it's supposed to be in. Logged in as another user I could still see it in the category.

    I can make it display again, if I click on edit a second time and save it without changes. I should also add that I'm in the Administrators group. Another user also in the group has the same issues. And a different one not in there doesn't have the problem. But it still occured for me after I left the group.

    Has anybody else got that problem? Should I post that as a bug on github?

    We're running NodeBB 1.10.1 and MongoDB 4.0.1.

    Thanks for any help,

  • What plugins are active?

  • @baris Sorry for my late reply. The following plugins are active:


    The "category-sort-by-title" is the only one I added manually. I just wanted to try if it might have anything to do with that. But I'm not able to produce the problem right now (also with the plugin active).
    I just did a rebuild because of another issue, maybe that helped. So I guess it's fixed for now.

  • @baris

    I just did another test. It's definitely the "category-sort-by-title" plugin that lets topics disappear.

  • @AlexG said in Topic not displaying after edit:


    Please report it here

  • I did, thanks.

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