[nodebb-plugin-contact-page] A contact form

  • NodeBB contact page

    This plugin adds a page to your forum with a contact form. This allows your user to contact you without giving directly your contact email address. To reduce spam, the form also support google recaptcha v2 (optional).


    npm install nodebb-plugin-contact-page



    In the admin CP, you should define the email address where the mail should be send.
    Optionally, you can add a footer (appended at the end of the message send by the user) and you can set the public and private key for Google recaptcha.

    Using the widget system of NodeBB, you can add a link to the page in the forum footer (or anywhere you want) with this html code:

    <a href="/contact">Contact us</a>


    Contact form:

    And the result mail, preview in Thunderbird:

    The mail is generated using a template, which can be modified in the AdminCP.

  • Really good plugin, +1 from my side.

    However can't see possibilities to edit the template, in the Admin panel I can see only main settings and Google re-captcha settings, using Node 1.7.5.

    Also, is it possible to embed this contact form into posts?

  • Hi,
    The template can be edited in the same place as other email template (Settings -> email yourforum.tld/admin/settings/email), you have to select the template contact-page.

    It's not possible to embed it inside a post, sorry.

  • Hi - I'm a little late to the plate here - sorry 🙂

    Would it be possible to provide hCaptcha for this instead of reCaptcha ?

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