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    I'm interested by the feature you were looking for.
    Have you find a way to do this ?

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    Place a link to a moo.do outline in the original post. Presto, integration without really integrating the code. Even this half baked setup is superior to all dedicated pm solutions that I have tried. For me, efficiency is the primary factor when evaluating software. How quickly we can download the data we need and upload our input. Number of clicks is a useful metric.

    Having every resource available on the home page is a highly efficient design for a workflow tool. I view nodebb as the best version of this concept.

    Its easy to recommend the popular product. Actually testing all of them to isolate value is challenging. Try not to anchor yourself until you've done the research.

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    Would allow for adding a larger search bar in the global widget header, which would suit those wanting to display their forum in a stack overflow style manner. After 0.5.0 though, naturally. 😉

    Sidenote, the ability to not index certain forums in the search would be tip top, do a search for mobile, the top 3 posts are from Testing Forum, does apache solr have any weighting behind it to guage the useful topics from the not so useful?

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    I just found out about nodebb and found that also very confusing.
    After a while I realised I had to click on "posted", but it's very counterintuitive.

  • Image management and

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    Depends... perhaps you can expand on what you want to do...

    It's harder to have an image management facility when you're using a 3rd party uploader though.