1. Installed Nodebb and WP
    2. Admin user in Nodebb, other users in WP
    3. Installed WPSSO and WP OAuthServer
    4. It works great!


    1. The primary user in nodebb... the admin user that installed nodebb is not mapped to a WP account... lol. Because I had a wp account named the same (Connect), and it added a second "Connect 0" account to nodebb

    And the Real Question Is

    Can I fix this in redis-cli?

    If I:> hgetall user:1
     1) "username"
     2) "Connect"
     3) "userslug"
     4) "connect"
     5) "email"
     6) "[email protected]{some-domain}.com"
    49) "groupTitle"
    50) "administrators"
    // this is the user with which I installed nodebb
    // note that it does not have a "wordpressId" key
    [...]> hgetall user:2
     1) "username"
     2) "Connect 0"
     3) "userslug"
     4) "connect-0"
     5) "email"
     6) "[email protected]{some-domain}.com"
    // same email as user:1 -^
    51) "wordpressId"
    52) "1"
    // this is the admin user from Wordpress, but obviously 
    // it didn't map to the original nodebb user with the same email address.
    // Note that it does not have a "groupTitle" key

    Can I just give user:1 the wordpressId value of user:2, and remove user:2?

  • Or... maybe I should just ignore user:1 and add the "administrators" groupTitle to user:2

    By the way, I am really liking nodebb... I have installed and Admined Vanilla, SMF, Discourse and XenForo before. For all the little things I miss about one or another of the above, NodeBB is turning out to be my favorite I think. Great job, people!

  • Despite the lack of advice here, I decided to try to add the following:

    hset user:2 groupTitle administrators

    ...which gives a user that appears that it should be an admin, but when I login, that user is not an admin.


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