No connection to database(propably).

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  • Hello i have an issue with my nodeBB. It does not connect to a domain, domain exists, but nodebb just doesnt want to install itself onto it. I can access it via localhost(using vps), but even there it is not connected. What can i do? I was changing config.json but nothing changed.

  • @pawtom71 said in No connection to database(propably).:

    t to a domain, domain exists, but nodebb just doesnt want to install itsel

    sounds like you are running on AWS. Check your Firewall configuration. You need to allow access (address/port) into the DB machine.

  • @JJSagan Nothing changed, can i know how to run NodeBB setup again? The setup where you can choose url and choose users etc, choosing database too. I have dealt with it and it's installed(db choosing etc was skipped, propably it used previous db), but i can not access admin panel to set anything up. Only user on forum is "admin" and i can not access it with any password, that is why i need to install nodebb again with browser setup.

  • @JJSagan I have set everything up properly, but the only thing is that i was creating administrative user in shell. I have done it, but i can not access nodeBB web page with those credentials.

  • This may help BUT!!!! it will erase your database:
    If you remove config.json - I believe nodebb will create a new one, and will initialize the forum from scratch.

    Kindly note, I am a user like you, not part of the dev team so my knowledge is limited. I may be wrong, but I actually think this trick will work.

    Good luck!

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