Please help me embed youtube vids

  • Hi there, i'm running Nodebb 1.10.1, i've installed it like 3 days ago, and i already screwed it like 5 times installing plugins, could you please help me get embedded youtube vids ?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Which plugins have you tried installing?

  • I've tried like three youtube plugins, one that is on ACP, nodebb-plugin-youtube-lite and nodebb-plugin-youtube-embed, but i don't remember which one i've settled up my API key and everything, but it bugged nodebb, and i've end up reinstalling the whole thing becouse even the database got corrupted 😛

  • Forgot to mention that i have nodebb on a 'chroot' and to install plugin i move nodebb folder to my home directory so npm can read 'package.json' and once i install a plugin i move nodebb folder back to the 'chroot', am i doing it wrong, or is it ok ?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Never tried a chroot jail, so I unfortunately can't provide any assistance there...

    Have you tried nodebb-plugin-iframely? Also don't forget to rebuild&restart your forum after activating a plugin.

  • Never tried that plugin although i know it's paid, but are those pluings that apears on APC installable ? i won't they crash my nodebb ? i also need a 'teamspeak' plugin and a 'gametracker' like plugin, could you please suggest me a pluing for them ?

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