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    hi guys! so..i'm not sure if this is the right place to ask or if this question will even make sense (i'm completely new to nodebb..) but:

    my company uses nodebb for our community forum and on our forum we have a "view all posts" category/channel (in addition to other ones that we have manually added and such).

    while we can remove/edit the other channels, i can't seem to archive or delete the "view all posts" channel. do you know if there's any way to remove this channel? long story short -- i'd rather have the community members be able to choose which channel they want to go into specifically instead of having their "wall" (i.e. view all posts page, which is the homepage) be flooded with posts from certain channels they don't really care about.

    additionally, if there isn't a way to delete the "view all posts" channel, is there a way that i can automatically filter posts out -- for instance, if one of the other channels is "say hi!" and there are tons of "say hi!" posts in the "view all posts" channel but i don't want them there, is there a way i can AUTOMATICALLY filter out all the "say hi!" posts from people's feeds, and only have those shown in the "say hi!" channel?

    anyway, i hope this all made sense. any help is appreciated!

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    Actually, to my knowledge, we don't really have a category that shows all posts from all categories... maybe /recent, but we'll have to take a look at your site to see what you're talking about!

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