Request features (list)

Feature Requests
  • Hi all.
    I think need to add next features

    1. Moderation (flags)
      Need better flag system, to be implemented, i mean need notifications when someone flagged post.
      Moderators and admins need to see new flags at top bar (where is all notifiations) or near it.
      Other thing is to see warns at post and profile.

    2. Ban fuctions (flags)
      Need to give ability to ban perm or temporary from /flags list.
      Example - i see reported post (flagged) i read this and i need to have ability to ban it, without going at admin panel.
      And need to give ability to cancel flags.
      Now at /flags u cant delete flag, it remains at ACP and at /flags.

    3. More widgets
      Needed more functions.

    4. More profile info
      I think need more info at profile (especially about bans / warns)

    5. Groups functions
      Info about group, some space for text and other.

    6. Additional functions

    • admin or moderator post as BLUE post (like blizzard blue posts) to be with other background or styling
    • admin or moder. themes to be with spacing (example - see after this)

    Now workin like this ---

    Admin topic
    Admin topic
    User topic

    But need to be like this ---

    Admin topic
    Admin topic
    --spacing or HR---
    User topic

    Or need pinned topics to be with this spacing.. dont know)

    Will be nice to see it.

    1. POLLS!
      Yes, there is no good plugins to create poll.
      Needed to be multiple polls at topic. multiple choices too.
      Now if u use plugin for poll - after saving and editing again - poll disappearin, u cant edit this.
      Very VERY bad..

    2. Points / awards
      Plugins outdated and this is good function too.

    3. levels. coins or other things

    NodeBB is great app.
    But all this things will do NodeBB more better.

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