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    I tested ban function and this is not workin (1.10.1) version of NodeBB

    When i ban someone to 1 hour - after this time user still remains banned.
    Tested 2 times.. after 4 hours ban still exist.

    I refresh page / purge cache but ban remains.. i need manually remove ban.

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    @administrators what i supposed to do?

    i use mongodb ,, plugins is off.
    what is wrong?

    npm 5.6.0
    node 8.11.3

  • The ban is gone if the user logs in to her/his account.

    Like if you ban a user for 1 hour, and the user logs in after 2 hours the ban is removed. If the user does not log in, the status will be banned untill (s)he log in.

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    @MJ thx bro) strange system. first time seen this.

    Julian responds me too at github.

    I think - problem is solved.

  • Actually quite a nice system. Otherwise you would need to either check regularly if a ban has expired and thus probably do a lot of unnecessary checks, or you would need to predict when the next ban expiration will be and thus probably introduce a lot of bugs with the prediction code.

    What might be interesting is a feature request, to not show the flag if the expiration has happened. I assume the flag is stored with a timestamp for when the ban will expire. Thus it should be possible to filter it out when displayed. But actually remove it when the user logs in.

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