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    Hi all.

    I want to change design but dont know how exactly to do this.


    I need labels and nickname to be at same position like at this screenshot.

    At left side.

    At your forum theme and my theme (persona) nickname and badge at right side (with avatar).

    How i can do somethin like this (screen).

    Or how to create topic design like at lavender theme to persona?
    But to work with bootstrap (skins) .

    At other forums it can be easy, but here i need to rebuild all after modifications.

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    Try yhe Slick Theme. A nice theme that looks like your screenshot made by @pichalite

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    @MJ i know about it.
    Sleek and other DOES NOT support skins.

    And this is big problem.

    I like Persona for skins and nice interface.
    Slick / lavender for nice topic design (badges / and posts)

    I need to see this design (badges / nickname) at persona.

    Or at slick / lavender to see skins (bootstrap)

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    And slick theme have some bugs.


    i need this yellow line to be like line at top..
    or post to be boxed (to see where post begins and where ends).
    Here as u see - post have not top border and design are broken.

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