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  • Hey there NodeBB community!

    I'm posting partially to get the word out for an import plugin that I'm working on for phpbb installs in phpnuke and also to request any tips.

    Unfortunately, I can't use the existing phpbb plugin because of how the port for phpnuke mixes the data into phpnuke data in the MySQL database. Regardless, a lot of these importers were incredibly helpful to reference so thank you to all you authors out there (@psychobunny for a lot of them) and to @akhoury for the import plugin.

    As it stands, my plugin is working on my NodeBB install at version 1.7.5 stood up behind nginx on linode. I'm planning to upgrade to 1.10.x or latest after I run my final migration and bbcode to markdown conversion pending investigating to plugin support drop off for newer NodeBB versions (advice here also very welcome).

    Without further adieu, you can find the source code for the import plugin at the following link: nodebb-plugin-import-phpnuke-phpbb

    Looking forward to any feedback!

  • Awesome!! Thanks for sharing your exporter, I'm sure it will help people looking to migrate 🙂

  • Hope so! Seems like there's at least one other site using this port of phpbb. Perhaps more if they cleaned out the attribution footer markup or aren't indexed by google.

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