Is it bad for performance to have a NGINX reverse proxy ?

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    @nubi-kr same

  • Forum performance

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    Never had any kind of performance issues. Always quick loading with no delays.

    I can't say that for all of my vb run forums.

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    @julian I just disabled the local emailer and currently using mandrill but it doesnt send emails. The forum's not working as it should on some plugins..... gonna try reinstall

  • Nginx Issue

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    @julian I think the issue could be further back than this, as gets server not found, not the nginx landing page...


    I've created a record in Digital OCean for it, but it's made no difference, so not sure where to go from here. I can't think of anything else at this point. exists and works, I've got that bit, but how on earth can not exist. 😆

    Ahh, no wait, I might have it. Just a moment. 😆 I've set up a CNAME record for www in

    That according to google, should work.

    EDIT: Do you ever get that feeling, when you've worked so long on something, and it finally works, you're not sure if you're imaginging it. I'm having one of those moments.

    The /forum/ redirect didn't work, but, quite frankly. I'm not even remotely bothered about it. 😆

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    forked, and lol @ doobie brothers