Is it bad for performance to have a NGINX reverse proxy ?

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    I run nodeBB behind a reverse proxy on NGINX. it makes letsenrypt certificates easier to install, and protects my network installation, but how much does that reduce nodeJS performance ? Does it have a significant impact?

  • I am running nodebb on nginx with letsencrypt. I don't see any difference from running it directly.

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    If everything is properly configured, there should be no significant difference, and in some cases, nginx will be faster.

  • Nginx reverse proxy can improve the performance of NodeBB. The simplest way to understand this is by viewing the client connection. The client bandwidth requesting something is usually slow or at least much slower than your server. With the reverse proxy in place the request will be done by the proxy and the result stored in memory. Thus it frees up capacity in NodeBB to serve another request. While Nginx caches responses and send them back to the client via their slower connection.

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    it works, thanks for all your answers, I'm reassured.

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