Empty home page when an unregistered user lands on.

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  • Good morning Community!

    I'm trying to achieve a completely empty home page when a casual user reaches my discussion board. In order to achieve this I've already changed the privileges for the different categories as well as the permissions for the icons appearing on the top menu.

    What actually I really can't get rid of is the "CATEGORIES" text appearing in the home page.
    0_1531305090828_Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 12.31.12.png

    Is it a bug? Or is there any workaround to get it removed?

    Thanks so far for any comment or suggestion.

  • This is intentional, as an empty homepage is not a typical user scenario. You can hide the categories label via custom CSS, or custom JS if you want to hide it only when there are no categories.

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