What does "Top 5 plugin downloads in the past 7 days" on the packages stats site mean?

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  • So, I'm a bit scared. Could you please explain to me what "Top 5 plugin downloads in the past 7 days" means on https://packages.nodebb.org/stats?

    Two of my plugins make up 75% of all plugin downloads in the last 7 days? Are you sure this data is correct? I'm a bit afraid of the possible responsibility coming from this... 😨

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    The "top downloads" pie chart is a little misleading, actually. The package manager itself doesn't have any visibility on package downloads because those are done through npm, and not nbbpm itself. What it does track is how many people ask nbbpm to suggest a version to download.

    For example, if you run v1.8.1 and you want to download a plugin, the latest version might not be compatible, so the ACP will query nbbpm for a suggested version. That's counted as a "download" (since the "suggest" call is done behind the scenes and is opaque to the end user).

    So you could be seeing true downloads... people downloading your plugins... or someone's just hammering GET /api/v1/suggest?package=nodebb-plugin-prometheus a lot 😄

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