Can we create [private] forums inside of nodebb forum?

  • I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I haven't found the right answer that I'm looking for.

    I'm thinking about a forum that allows members to create their own forums and decide who can join them to discuss about private or sensitive issues. Can we achieve that with nodebb, through a plugin, for example? That sounds like FB groups, I know, but I prefer a platform like nodebb for the discussions inside the groups.

    Thank you for your help!

  • You can speak Vietnamese? If you can, inbox for me in chat.

  • @paopevil why wouldnt you explain here in English for everyone

  • @venil7 Sorry, because my English is bad, afraid to communicate in English will not understand.

  • @paopevil its ok, you could use google translate or something.
    This way everyone in the community could benefit from you sharing some knowledge

  • GNU/Linux Admin

  • @julian I think that it was not about this. Topicstarter wants to make an analogue of groups on facebook with their administrators. Another analogue: reddit -> subreddits (everyone can make subreddit)

  • If I’m not wrong, looking at the admin panel, it seems this can be done with privileges as well, similarly to that mentioned topic, but for specific private groups and categories:

    Admin > Manage > Groups > + > Create Group

    Admin > Manage > Privileges > [category instead of global] > Add Group

    And set access, etc. privileges for that group of users and private category only.

    Then, to add users:

    Admin > Manage > Groups > [group for that category] > Edit > Add User to Group

    It's possible to also give user-specific privileges such as moderator in the Privileges section. Or probably better using:

    Admin > Manage > Admins & Mods > [category] > add-moderator

    However, even with moderators, the site admin would need to create the categories and groups, set privileges, etc.

  • @juan-g If I’m not wrong this is only for groups. Anybody can't make subforum both with his own group.

    This is interesting idea for plugin or like a feature for new version of core nodebb.
    Good for wide community forums on autopilot, when owner not have enough time to support all desires of members.

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