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  • Shows a progress bar and a level:
    progress abr

    Example when live:

    Let me know what you think and if you have feature requests.

  • Nice work!

    how is this plugin different then

    which one is better in terms of support and features? can u list ur features?

  • Here are some of my thoughts as I see can make this super awesome:

    1. Also Show points also on profile view 0_1526898919604_6649bf09-623d-45ec-9242-6b32c0d6e3d1-image.png

    2. Points and level and reputation, whats the difference? i think 1 should be links with posts, one with upvotes, and one with topics posted.

    3. What are the max levels , and on which basis levels are increased. These decisions should be fully customisable from ACP, it the case?

    4. Do users get a notification from admin, when there points increases or when they increase their level. They should even get some notification, if they are lets say 5 posts away from level 2 when they are on level 1 and so on

    5. have a look at @Nicolas awesome plugin too . it does not seem to work properly with 1.9.2 but hopefully it will be fixed.

    6. There must be some incentive for users to work hard to increase their points/rep/levels. this can be access to hidden features, and extra cool features which other users dont have. for eg if u reach level 2 from level 1, u will be able to make your image gallery on your profile., or

    7. May be have something like trophies, gold, diamonds collection, such that if you reach level 5 you have collected 2 gold trophies, etc. so a level 100 or level 10 users be will be the best super rockstar of the forum lets say and he would have ACCESS to all features of the forum and have collected 100 gold trophies, 100 diamond coins, 100 bitcoin tokens, etc just like a virtual cash or something.. we need to give users some monetary virtual incentive or social incentive to work hard towards the points.

    8. Allow other users to give custom achievement labels to other users as well when they climb up the ranking ladder, e.g other users can give this user tags, such as "cutest user" and on his profile it can say 10 people have . given "cutest user" label to this user, or 20 people have voted this person as . "richest user" or "crypto king" "expert dentist" 😛 and so on.. users love achievements, labels, rankings and points. it makes them happy and motivated. others can also give bad labels to bad users such as, 10 users think, this user is a "troll user" or "cat fish user" and the awarded user should have the option to show it on his profile or hide it from his profile based on his level number 😉

    9. We can also have something like random awards generator, where like a random balloting can take place by admin or other users once a month, where some user will win and they will awarded with free reputation, or free levels or free trophies etc. or a popularity contest. other users can vote or nominate their friends in the draw.. whichever has the most votes will have more chances to win 🙂

    10. I also think if a user receives an achievement or award, it should highlight it somewhere so other users can feel jealous or happy if their friends or enemies win the awards.

    i think if we do most of these things in ur plugin or in ns-points plugin, we can make the users addicted and like a game to play in 😉

    @nicholas many of my ideas can also work on ur ns-points and ns-awards plugins, or you guys can site together to come up with something awesome!

    Loved the creativity guys!!! respect!👏 👏 👏

    1. The level is shown, we don't use points. One could show XP but it'd just be some random number like 482.
    2. Level is a function of posts, reputation, and thread count. There are no points.
    3. No max level, and yes they should be. This is a basic plugin that needs work / help.
    4. No notifications currently.
    5. My work is based off this plugin, but I am not too familiar with it. I think it has more features than mine, but I wanted to practice making plugins.
    6. Good idea, I was thinking of adding them to groups automatically, but I am open to suggestions.
    7. Can you expand on how this would work in detail?
    8. Let me give it some more thought.
    9. I'm thinking of adding a random XP reward every few levels. What do you think about that?
    10. We don't currently have awards but I'll look into this.
  • @elliot said in Simple gamification plugin:

    as thinking of adding them to groups automati

    I would say instead you doing doing this, you should work with Nicolas coz he has done more work on this already.

  • ns-points have more features i think, but i love the progress bars in yours.

  • @eshohet what about guide and new version?
    i installed ur plugin and have no idea how to setup this.

    What i need to do to change exp or other things?
    plugin is ready to use or bugged?

  • This is awesome man. Keep up the work on this!

  • I think it'd be cool if you had a ratio score of posts / reputation also. So, someone with like 5,000 posts but 100 upvotes isn't as high a level as someone with only 2,000 posts, but 750 upvotes.

    Does that make sense?

    Maybe upvotes should be weighted far more than posts for the purposes of levels, in other words.

  • 18ae697b-a6bd-40c6-82c8-9bf77783afb4-图片.png

    Need more specific tutorial please.

  • when update?

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