Many Spamers creating profiles recently

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  • I use the anti spam plugin which helps with posts, but I have noticed recently a large number of spammers registering and using the user info / profile page to create an "Advert" for their services. They are not posting, just creating profiles which link to their website etc.

    I don't believe this feature exists, but it would be useful if you could specify a user to not be able to set up a user profile info page until they have X posts or similar. This should stop them being able to do this.

    I may open a ticket for the spam plugin to also send the profile info to akismet as I suspect it doesn't do that currently.

    Any ideas are welcome. Going to go and delete the 20+ new spam accounts now that have appeared in the last 2 days.

  • I saw the "minimum reputation" settings for the user profile. Apologies but I had missed this. I will use that to restrict the spammers user of the user profile info.

  • I suspect a setting for X posts before they can change this info might be more suitable than reputation as we want to distinguish spammers from users, rather than the quality of users posts etc.

  • That's a good idea for limiting profile setup. At present our current advice is to turn on the registration queue if you are seeing a surge of spambots registering.

  • @julian Using the registration queue would add a lot more work for admins/mods though - but certainly it would help with this also.

    Looks like the above has helped, but we are still getting some registrations - the spam accounts are now just putting the URL in the "Full name" field.

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