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    how can I display my company logo on top above the forum ? I know you can add some html code to make it show below the menu bar, but that looks odd ..

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    Thx MJ, what I need is a way to put the logo above everything, like the cown on top of the Kings head 🙂

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    @pummelchen A possible way -with movable instead of fixed header- would be a fork with Persona theme as upstream, editing the file templates/header.tpl, removing the navbar-fixed-top class from the navbar, and adding a div with the logo as header (probably with hidden-xs class if we want to avoid using it on mobile to save space). Among adjustments to work well with this layout, I would move the breadcrumb from top to bottom of the file templates/partials/account/header.tpl, for profiles. The editor would also need adjustments.

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