Internal Server Error issue happend

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  • Hi Gurus,

    I got a fetal issue, Internal Server Error, acutally the sevice is totally down.

    Before issue, the ONLY thing I have done is de-installed a plugin (emoj plugin for Android), because this plugin is not nessesary for our site. I de-installed, then restart the nodebb in web ui (http://ip:port/admin). Then every thing is done.

    The troubleshooting is done, but nothing intresting is found,

    1. here I attached the log file, you can see the foot template is not related, and the down time is not recorded.
    2. I have done restart nodebb as well as nginx
    3. Tried with reset -t and reset -a, got error from theme

    0_1525251633368_Greenshot 2018-05-02 16.55.51.png
    [[email protected] nodebb]# service nginx stop
    Redirecting to /bin/systemctl stop nginx.service
    [[email protected] nodebb]# service nginx start
    Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start nginx.service
    [[email protected] nodebb]# ./nodebb stop
    Stopping NodeBB. Goodbye!
    [[email protected] nodebb]# ./nodebb start

    Starting NodeBB
    "./nodebb stop" to stop the NodeBB server
    "./nodebb log" to view server output
    "./nodebb help" for more commands

    [[email protected] nodebb]#

    0_1525252561326_Greenshot 2018-05-02 17.15.37.png
    Thanks for any kinds of help.

  • First: Please don't run NodeBB as root. This is a setup for pure catastrophes.

    Did you try to rebuild your forum? ./nodebb build
    Could be that your templates are not up-to-date.

  • @dravere


    I tried to rebuild with command ./nodebb build, some warnings, but still can sucess (see attached), then I restart nodebb, but still the same issue.

    0_1525268986118_Greenshot 2018-05-02 21.48.57.png

  • At last I did a upgrade : ./nodebb upgrade

    I think the plugin I deinstalled has some links with theme, after upgrade the missing files should be replaced again.


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