How to delete files that are saving on server but not in the post ?

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  • I'm writing something and join this picture ![0_1522594272890_MONO-INC.jpg]( A second later i decide to change it. So i delete it from my post and change it by another. The first picture always exist on public/upload/files and can not be removed from the server. How to delete it and others ? i would remove files that are not used by nodebb.

  • with now nodebb 1.9.3 it's possible. wonderful !

    0_1528914478088_Screenshot from 2018-06-13 20-25-47.png

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  • first post separation from the rest

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    For now, I have made the first post separated with a line with this code:

    li[data-index="0"] .post-footer { border-bottom: 1px solid #eee; }
  • Post queue too big (crashing site)

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    I will post a couple queries to help with this.

    Get number of queued posts

    db.objects.count({_key: "post:queue"});

    Get latest 20 post queue objects ids

    db.objects.find({_key: "post:queue"}).sort({score: -1}).limit(20);

    Using ids from above query you can get the queued posts with

    db.objects.find({_key: "post:queue:<replace_with_id_from_above_query"});

    To delete a post queue from the db with id 123456

    db.objects.remove({_key: "post:queue", value: "123456"}); db.objects.remove({_key: "post:queue:123456"});

    To remove all queued posts

    db.objects.remove({_key: /^post:queue/});

    Hope that helps.

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    Good day, all.

    I'm a user of some forum which uses NodeBB.

    Is it possible (for the admins) to configure the forum so that the Unread section (a relative example here would be shows to the logged in user all posts and threads (topics) which were not read by this user?

    I have already consulted my Settings, but I can't see a setting for this.

    Currently there is only quite short range of posts shown in the Unread section. In this forum: only 26, while there are probably hundrends in fact.

    In "my" forum, after I read them, the sections displays:

    There are no unread topics.

    while in fact there are tens of them (in the last months I was visiting the Forum quite rarely).

    Now I'm trying to catch up, but Unread section quickly turned empty.

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    @ravikum said in How to moderate guest posts?:

    osts to be moderated before displaying them on the forum.

    how can i exclude global-moderators to be moderate this guest category? i dont want mods to be able to delete topics or posts in this category but they should be able to moderal ALL other categories except this one.

    How to do this @baris

  • CDN for External Files

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    You need a plugin that uses the filter:uploadFile hook to do that.

    It doesn't look like any exist yet.

    What CDN did you want to use?