Double profile nav pills, topics 404 and I cant save widgets

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  • Hi guys,

    @Schamper noticed that we have double nav pills on our profiles over at BitBangers, I have tried different themes to rule out a bug in Sea Wolf but it still happens.

    As you can see from the above screen shot there is a Topics link, when I click this I get taken to a 404 page.

    I thought a quick git pull may have solved these issues but this seemed to create another issue. Whenever I try to save widgets nothing happens, before there used to be a save option for every widget area but now there is only one and it does not work.

  • Recently moved those into a partial from javascript, so it might have to do with that, check out vanilla>partials/account_menu.tpl. before it was created by accountMenu.js

  • Ok, switched to edge and everything seems to be working a lot better.

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