Hey dudes i just took down your site for seconds with a simple bash command

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    poked around your codebase a little... I had no idea forEach was so slow!

    Anywho, run this:

    while true; do curl http://try.nodebb.org/bench/forloop; done &

    3 times or so from bash and goodbye try.nodebb.org.


    also write more unit tests!

    also since I pointed this out, could I put a feature request in for a classic theme? something that looks like vBulletin or so with similar formatting/pagination and whatnot.

    also eliminate the tab character from your codebase. jesus.

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    About to head to bed, so I'll make this quick and reply properly tomorrow:

    1. Thanks for finding this little gem! @baris initially wrote it to see what was faster, forEach, or for loops. It should've been removed a long long time ago, so I have no idea why it's still in the repo. In any case, it's gone now.

    2. @psychobunny has more information re: vanilla themes and theming

    3. The entire team is very behind tab indentation, and I honestly don't see us switching to space-indentation overnight. Besides, we could argue for and against tab vs. space all night long, and it wouldn't solve anything... 😉

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    That seemed like a pretty proper reply to me, except you're like so wrong about tabs: you want your code readable no matter what tab stops are set to, and that becomes just too difficult to do with tabs (esp. if you're using emacs). I suspect you'll end up agreeing over time, especially if you ever work on a more than 3 person project.


    also, I think you should do input type validation in your websocket code. I think my website is currently set to an object and not string...

    I'll stop poking around now. Good luck!

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    Hmmm...take down? Anyways..is this a forum that is available now or is it still being developed?

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    Hey @mediazone

    NodeBB is under continual development, but it is ready for production use at current.

    The latest version is v0.0.7

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