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    I just installed nodebb-plugin-sso-auth0 and created an app at Auth0. After successfull login at Auth0, when redirected, i get the following error. No restart or build helped.
    Any suggesstions for the prorblem?


    Internal Error. Oops! Looks like something went wrong! /auth/auth0/callback undefined
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    Above all,I haven't done i18n. It only support Chinese now . I'm welcome if you want to translate it to your language.

    Github repo: https://github.com/a632079/nodebb-sso-wechat-web compatible
    This plugin allow you login via the qrcode of wechat. First , you should apply for a website app in WeChat Open Platform .And then use the appId and appSecret that you get from the platform for setting in ACP.


    Search nodebb-plugin-sso-wechat-web in ACP and install it.

    Some good features

    Some Oauth App don't offer email , so we require users to perfect their email setting.(Thanks for sso-facebook)

    Support use the WeChat Avatar as your profile avatar. (Thanks for gravatar)

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    Cool 😉 Must have been a hick up here then 😛

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    I am new to NodeBB and nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth authenticates users from oauth2-server-php with an Active Directory (Samba 4) backend. "So far so good" - this plug in obviously works in that configuration, but I was not able to include more than id, displayName and email from OAuth into user NodeBB account. My OAuth solution offers a big JSON object with many data which are usable for NodeBB.

    My library.js was patched to

    OAuth.parseUserReturn = function(data, callback) { // Alter this section to include whatever data is necessary // NodeBB *requires* the following: id, displayName, emails. // Everything else is optional. // Find out what is available by uncommenting this line: console.log(data); var profile = {}; profile.id = data.id; profile.displayName = data.display_name; profile.fullname = data.user_nicename; profile.emails = data.emails; console.log(profile); // Do you want to automatically make somebody an admin? This line might help you do that... // profile.isAdmin = data.isAdmin ? true : false; // Delete or comment out the next TWO (2) lines when you are ready to proceed //process.stdout.write('===\nAt this point, you\'ll need to customise the above section to id, displayName, and emails into the "profile" object.\n==='); //return callback(new Error('Congrats! So far so good -- please see server log for details')); callback(null, profile); }

    this console log show all data as expected, so oauth module got everything, but profile.fullname is ignored by NodBB. It seems it is not enough to patch that section to get more than minimum required data for a NodeBB user.

    Any hints?

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    Is it even possible to integrate a plug in that posts to a 'group'

    I'm sure FB only allows posting to fan pages and walls.

    That being said, I know you can do 'Canvas' app for NodeBB on FB, but this only integrates with FB notifiactions
    On the Browser, where as you'll find most of the time they check FB via mobile. And FB mobile is not compatible with
    Canvas or any external FB notifications.

    So you are probably going to be disappointed with it's results.

    Also, on that note. I've found it susccefull for mobile users, using a push notification app. That notifies users on events.
    And when they are notified, it refers them back to your forum. via a webui Browser in the app.
    This works great with a Responsive design or a dedicated mobile browser.