disabling nodebb-plugin-dbsearch invalid theme and skin config

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  • Hi,

    I use nodebb 1.7.5 and on one evening playing around with it on my phone I wondered why there are 2 search icons. So I thought, maybe there's one builtin search and one plugin. I went into admin and disabled the search plugin to see what happens.

    Now, both search icon disappeared, but my skin and theme settings went away as well! I have a global setting for skin: slate and theme: persona. After the search plugin was disabled, defaults were used (lavender and some white bg skin). I was unable to change this. In the skin settings, for example, I could set the skin to slate, apply it, go to frontpage, shift-reload - nothing changed. Same for theme. Also the current skin in use was not being shown in the settings. I also tried to restart nodebb multiple times to no avail.

    Finally I re-enabled the search plugin and voilà - slate and persona reappeared as if never something weird has happend.


    PS: the 2 search icons are only visible in mobile view, in a browser there's one menu icon and one search input box. The latter turns into a second icon in mobile view. I think this is a bug in the slate skin, but I'm unsure and I can live with it 🙂

  • That makes no sense 🤔 The search plugin has nothing to do with themes or skins. Do you have any errors in your logs after you disable the plugin and restart the forum? What about when you run ./nodebb build and restart is everything working after that?

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