Disabling axaxify causes weird scrolls when clicking on "1 new reply" under posts

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  • So we disabled ajaxfiy on our site because the Ads don't render correctly if we turn it on.

    So we turned it off using the following line in our custom header:

    $(document.body).off('click', 'a');

    Now the ads render fine, but on a topic when we click on "1 reply under the post"

    it causes a sudden scroll up on the page to the top of the page instead of uncollapsing the 1 reply and show the reply.

    How can we fix this with ajaxify turned off ?

    or may be turn on ajaxify only for this link?

  • Hmm instead of turning off all clicks can you try commenting out ajaxifyAnchors(); in public/src/ajaxify.js

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