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  • nginx reverse proxy SSL

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    @oplik0 yeah we are having a loadbalancer before nginx!

    using nodebb without SSL works perfectly using load balancer -> nginx -> nodebb

    I would need to do some more testing but I saw that when using SSL , it redirect to www.domain.tld instead of domain.tld!

    I just modify the nginx config for this vhost to send www. to non-www. and I will re-active the SSL!

    The other thing is, I tried to add

    "": { "origins": "**" }

    to the config.json and I got an error when starting nodebb

  • Creating the nginx file

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    @qwerty Are you freakin' serious or punking us? If basics such as this are beyond you then you have absolutely no business deploying server based anything on the Internet. Much less a juicy target for crackers like a forum. Seriously irresponsible. Your name/reputation will be crap once your site is cracked and your users forever hate you. If this sounds harsh, it is because it is meant to. Moderator was being polite.

    That said:

    ESC : wq! Return/Enter

    Good luck!

  • Can't get Nginx to work

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    @PitaJ said in Can't get Nginx to work:

    @Goldrush12 said in Can't get Nginx to work:

    I just tried that without success (yes, I made sure to restart NodeBB). Also, the developer mode doesn't fix the problem (contrary to what's stated in the linked thread).

    Okay, so it must be something else.

    I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the issue, but I had a few errors while setting up NodeBB initially, which I had to address.

    Wow, um, big red flag there. How did you install NodeBB in the first place? It may be wise to start from scratch and reinstall with correct permissions from the get-go. You absolutely should not use sudo to install or run NodeBB. The only installation-related things you need root access for are nginx configuration and maybe changing directory privileges before installing NodeBB.

    What OS are you installing NodeBB on? Are you following any tutorials or instructions?

    My OS is Ubuntu 18.04 and I followed a documentation from your website. I started from scratch and it's running fine now! I assume the guide I used must have been outdated, which led to some errors. I must say that it might make sense to clean up the documentary and make sure that only one version of the installation guide for every OS exists to avoid confusion.

    Thank you for your help! 🙂

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    @julian besides spam Warning do we have any answers for the posted questions? It was posted on few threds because there was no answer till now ?any type of possible answer?

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    Check the docs for a list of steps:

    Also change location / to location ~^/