[REQUEST] NodeBB install on AWS. Using Elastic Beanstalk, ElastiCache, and S3

  • I am jumping the gun a bit, I haven't even set up my local dev environment yet, but I am thinking about my future deployment strategy. I am aiming to make full use of AWS, but not just using EC2 as a VPS which has the same drawbacks as any other vps system. I want the speed and reliability of the distributed system of the AWS cloud. In my personal situation, I plan to install Ghost CMS along with NodeBB and need those to be able to communicate, bonus points if you help with that.

    AWS is something I am only just now starting to look into. I am setting up a local dockerfile setup for local dev at the moment, but at the moment I have no idea how to achieve the above.

    Hope someone here is feeling generous!

  • @kyletryon I was thinking of using AWS too, sounds like a very appealing idea. I ended up going with a company called "Digital Ocean" And just recently got it all working on their Droplet service. Look into them too.



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