Favicon image crashed NodeBB

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  • Hey,

    This is not high priority, I know the admins/mods do a lot already<3

    anyway, my problem; When I go to change a favicon file (.ico) It just crashes NodeBB and it doesn't stop. I have to manually delete it than revert back to the original picture. (16x16 is what i am using for size.)

    Would appreciate any help from anyone<3

  • @davidr Can you attach the favicon here so we can test locally?

  • My friend managed to do a bottched job with adding this code into the "Custom Javascript" section:

    $("link[rel='icon']").attr("href", "/assets/uploads/system/favicon.ico?v=1515805137459");

    Anyway here's the picture:

    I had to use PNG as ICO isn't supported

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