Hell of installation

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  • I own VPS server and i was thinking create nodebb.
    When i saw the installation "process" i gave up.
    Im years in the industry but never saw something complicated to install like that.

    And that i think, is too bad. This forum system is great but why we must form it straight on apache instead installing the normal way (3 steps install, db etc)?

    I must say that as a programmer i want to give from my knowledge and experiencewith, but that installation process killed me.

  • @rami7250 honestly. Its not anywhere near complicated, except you are on a beginner level.

    If you want a complete guide you can check the Tutorials section for a guide I made or just read the docs step by step. A complete setup (scratch) takes less than 30 minutes if you do it by hand. With a bash script you can do it fully automated.

  • I really like that forum and want to give some efforts, but man 30 minutes for installation?
    I own VPS Apache WHM server based on centos 6
    What exactly should i do in bash script?

    Also, what resources it takes from the server? (not in installation process but in used daily)

  • @rami7250 said in Hell of installation:

    I own VPS Apache WHM server based on centos 6

    Don't use anything this old to start with.

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