Issue with permissions, import, legacy

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  • Hi,

    I have imported my users, topics and posts from my legacy forum within nodebb.
    Everything sounded good, but my legacy users are not able to see any content while connected
    As a temporary fix, I have added them to a special group (legacy) that fixed the issue.

    My question is, is there anyone able to give me hints on the type of record I obviously miss during my "import" ?

    What I have populated for each user:


    For the topics (I inserted each topic in an existing category - 2)


    For posts

  • I finally found the issue, it is related to the timestamp (score) when the user get registered.
    I did not realized that my import was generating wrong type of time stamp {score":{"$numberLong":"1454992330000"}} rather than {score":1.509408313172e+12}

    I finally run this fixup to cope with my issue:

          {"_id": e._id},
          {"$set": {"score": 0+e.score}}

    I hate this mongojs thingy 😤

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