PSA: Are you unable to install more than one plugin at a time?

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  • Just a quick note regarding node.js v8 and npm v5... these versions (which are now listed as recommended, stable, and LTS) change the way packages are handled, in that package installs are now saved to the local package.json file instead of installed locally only.

    What does this mean?

    If this affects you, then installing multiple plugins will result in only one plugin (the latest one) being available. In essence, every time you install a plugin, the other plugins you've installed before suddenly become uninstalled.

    What can I do?

    You can wait for us to patch this change in behaviour in a new release (likely v1.7.0, due out in two weeks' time).

    What else can I do?

    In a pinch, you can use the command line to install plugins, as they will add entries to package.json properly.

    For example, if you wanted to install both the "Two-Factor Authentication" plugin and the "SendGrid Emailer" plugin:

    npm i nodebb-plugin-emailer-sendgrid nodebb-plugin-2factor`

    What else?

    You can also downgrade npm by running the command npm i -g npm@4. Those problems will not be exhibited on those versions.

    We'll update this thread as new developments occur.

  • Just a notice that the upcoming v1.7.0 of NodeBB will work fine with latest Node.js and npm.

  • Confirmed fix in 1.7.0

  • @mudmanc4 Thanks!

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    @julian said in nodebb v1.1.1 installation:

    Yeah, old versions of NodeBB suck, I don't know who the developers of that crap was... 😝

    What were they thinking? 😉

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    Support you.
    Such great toy could be beneficial to your forum, but may be quite slow in China.

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    @julian It means that I can test my plugin with nodebb actually firing hooks for it.

  • Routing

    NodeBB Plugins
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    I commented string //categoryRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); in src/routes/index.js file and add all of this file in index.js my plugin:

    (function(Preparsed) { 'use strict'; var nconf = module.parent.require('nconf'), path = module.parent.require('path'), winston = module.parent.require('winston'), controllers = require.main.require('./src/controllers'), meta = require.main.require('./src/meta'), plugins = require.main.require('./src/plugins'), express = module.parent.require('express'), metaRoutes = require.main.require('./src/routes/meta'), apiRoutes = require.main.require('./src/routes/api'), adminRoutes = require.main.require('./src/routes/admin'), feedRoutes = require.main.require('./src/routes/feeds'), pluginRoutes = require.main.require('./src/routes/plugins'), authRoutes = require.main.require('./src/routes/authentication'), helpers = require.main.require('./src/routes/helpers'); var setupPageRoute = helpers.setupPageRoute; function mainRoutes(app, middleware, controllers) { setupPageRoute(app, '/', middleware, [], controllers.home); var loginRegisterMiddleware = [middleware.redirectToAccountIfLoggedIn]; setupPageRoute(app, '/login', middleware, loginRegisterMiddleware, controllers.login); setupPageRoute(app, '/register', middleware, loginRegisterMiddleware, controllers.register); setupPageRoute(app, '/confirm/:code', middleware, [], controllers.confirmEmail); setupPageRoute(app, '/outgoing', middleware, [], controllers.outgoing); setupPageRoute(app, '/search/:term?', middleware, [middleware.guestSearchingAllowed],; setupPageRoute(app, '/reset/:code?', middleware, [], controllers.reset); setupPageRoute(app, '/tos', middleware, [], controllers.termsOfUse); } function staticRoutes(app, middleware, controllers) { setupPageRoute(app, '/404', middleware, [], controllers.static['404']); setupPageRoute(app, '/403', middleware, [], controllers.static['403']); setupPageRoute(app, '/500', middleware, [], controllers.static['500']); } function topicRoutes(app, middleware, controllers) { app.get('/api/topic/teaser/:topic_id', controllers.topics.teaser); setupPageRoute(app, '/topic/:topic_id/:slug/:post_index?', middleware, [], controllers.topics.get); setupPageRoute(app, '/topic/:topic_id/:slug?', middleware, [middleware.addSlug], controllers.topics.get); } function tagRoutes(app, middleware, controllers) { setupPageRoute(app, '/tags/:tag', middleware, [middleware.publicTagListing], controllers.tags.getTag); setupPageRoute(app, '/tags', middleware, [middleware.publicTagListing], controllers.tags.getTags); } function categoryRoutes(app, middleware, controllers) { setupPageRoute(app, '/categories', middleware, [], controllers.categories.list); setupPageRoute(app, '/popular/:term?', middleware, [], controllers.categories.popular); setupPageRoute(app, '/recent', middleware, [], controllers.categories.recent); setupPageRoute(app, '/unread', middleware, [middleware.authenticate], controllers.categories.unread); app.get('/api/unread/total', middleware.authenticate, controllers.categories.unreadTotal); setupPageRoute(app, '/category/:category_id/:slug/:topic_index', middleware, [], controllers.categories.get); setupPageRoute(app, '/category/:category_id/:slug?', middleware, [middleware.addSlug], controllers.categories.get); } function accountRoutes(app, middleware, controllers) { var middlewares = [middleware.checkGlobalPrivacySettings]; var accountMiddlewares = [middleware.checkGlobalPrivacySettings, middleware.checkAccountPermissions]; setupPageRoute(app, '/user/:userslug', middleware, middlewares, controllers.accounts.getAccount); setupPageRoute(app, '/user/:userslug/following', middleware, middlewares, controllers.accounts.getFollowing); setupPageRoute(app, '/user/:userslug/followers', middleware, middlewares, controllers.accounts.getFollowers); setupPageRoute(app, '/user/:userslug/posts', middleware, middlewares, controllers.accounts.getPosts); setupPageRoute(app, '/user/:userslug/topics', middleware, middlewares, controllers.accounts.getTopics); setupPageRoute(app, '/user/:userslug/groups', middleware, middlewares, controllers.accounts.getGroups); setupPageRoute(app, '/user/:userslug/favourites', middleware, accountMiddlewares, controllers.accounts.getFavourites); setupPageRoute(app, '/user/:userslug/watched', middleware, accountMiddlewares, controllers.accounts.getWatchedTopics); setupPageRoute(app, '/user/:userslug/edit', middleware, accountMiddlewares, controllers.accounts.accountEdit); setupPageRoute(app, '/user/:userslug/settings', middleware, accountMiddlewares, controllers.accounts.accountSettings); setupPageRoute(app, '/notifications', middleware, [middleware.authenticate], controllers.accounts.getNotifications); setupPageRoute(app, '/chats/:userslug?', middleware, [middleware.redirectToLoginIfGuest], controllers.accounts.getChats); } function userRoutes(app, middleware, controllers) { var middlewares = [middleware.checkGlobalPrivacySettings]; setupPageRoute(app, '/users', middleware, middlewares, controllers.users.getOnlineUsers); setupPageRoute(app, '/users/online', middleware, middlewares, controllers.users.getOnlineUsers); setupPageRoute(app, '/users/sort-posts', middleware, middlewares, controllers.users.getUsersSortedByPosts); setupPageRoute(app, '/users/sort-reputation', middleware, middlewares, controllers.users.getUsersSortedByReputation); setupPageRoute(app, '/users/latest', middleware, middlewares, controllers.users.getUsersSortedByJoinDate); setupPageRoute(app, '/users/search', middleware, middlewares, controllers.users.getUsersForSearch); } function groupRoutes(app, middleware, controllers) { var middlewares = [middleware.checkGlobalPrivacySettings, middleware.exposeGroupName]; setupPageRoute(app, '/groups', middleware, middlewares, controllers.groups.list); setupPageRoute(app, '/groups/:slug', middleware, middlewares, controllers.groups.details); setupPageRoute(app, '/groups/:slug/members', middleware, middlewares, controllers.groups.members); } Preparsed.init = function(params, callback){ var app = params.router, middleware = params.middleware, controllers = params.controllers; var router = express.Router(), pluginRouter = express.Router(), authRouter = express.Router(), relativePath = nconf.get('relative_path'); pluginRouter.render = function() { app.render.apply(app, arguments); }; // Set-up for hotswapping (when NodeBB reloads) pluginRouter.hotswapId = 'plugins'; authRouter.hotswapId = 'auth'; app.use(middleware.maintenanceMode); app.all(relativePath + '/api/?*', middleware.prepareAPI); app.all(relativePath + '/api/admin/?*', middleware.isAdmin); app.all(relativePath + '/admin/?*', middleware.ensureLoggedIn, middleware.applyCSRF, middleware.isAdmin); adminRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); metaRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); apiRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); feedRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); pluginRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); /** * Every view has an associated API route. * */ mainRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); staticRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); topicRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); tagRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); categoryRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); accountRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); userRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); groupRoutes(router, middleware, controllers); app.use(relativePath, pluginRouter); app.use(relativePath, router); app.use(relativePath, authRouter); if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') { require('./debug')(app, middleware, controllers); } app.use(function(req, res, next) { if (req.user || parseInt(meta.config.privateUploads, 10) !== 1) { return next(); } if (req.path.indexOf('/uploads/files') === 0) { return res.status(403).json('not-allowed'); } next(); }); app.use(relativePath, express.static(path.join(__dirname, '../../', 'public'), { maxAge: app.enabled('cache') ? 5184000000 : 0 })); handle404(app, middleware); handleErrors(app, middleware); // Add plugin routes plugins.init(app, middleware); authRoutes.reloadRoutes(); callback(); }; function handle404(app, middleware) { app.use(function(req, res, next) { if (plugins.hasListeners('action:meta.override404')) { return plugins.fireHook('action:meta.override404', { req: req, res: res, error: {} }); } var relativePath = nconf.get('relative_path'); var isLanguage = new RegExp('^' + relativePath + '/language/[\\w]{2,}/.*.json'), isClientScript = new RegExp('^' + relativePath + '\\/src\\/.+\\.js'); if (isClientScript.test(req.url)) { res.type('text/javascript').status(200).send(''); } else if (isLanguage.test(req.url)) { res.status(200).json({}); } else if (req.accepts('html')) { if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') { winston.warn('Route requested but not found: ' + req.url); } res.status(404); if (res.locals.isAPI) { return res.json({path: req.path, error: 'not-found'}); } middleware.buildHeader(req, res, function() { res.render('404', {path: req.path}); }); } else { res.status(404).type('txt').send('Not found'); } }); } function handleErrors(app, middleware) { app.use(function(err, req, res, next) { if (err.code === 'EBADCSRFTOKEN') { winston.error(req.path + '\n', err.message) return res.sendStatus(403); } winston.error(req.path + '\n', err.stack); if (parseInt(err.status, 10) === 302 && err.path) { return res.locals.isAPI ? res.status(302).json(err.path) : res.redirect(err.path); } res.status(err.status || 500); if (res.locals.isAPI) { return res.json({path: req.path, error: err.message}); } else { middleware.buildHeader(req, res, function() { res.render('500', {path: req.path, error: err.message}); }); } }); } }(module.exports));

    Changing accordingly all paths and replaced var app, middleware and controllers. But not work:
    Снимок экрана от 2015-03-17 00:30:46.png
    Tried on action:app.load and action:init.

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    Like discourse where all the posts can be displayed in one page and also can be filtered by their category? I feel that model makes category more like a tag and allows people to see everything at once.

    Is there technical issue why this cannot be achieved? Maybe it can be a theme idea?

    I really like nodebb as a fast and modern forum technical wise, but also enjoy the UI philosophy behind discourse..