It's not too late: pre-order your Minecraft PE/PC game server for just $3.40/month!

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  • Hey there!

    Looking forward to lead your own Minecraft PE/PC game server? Well, afortunately that's possible!

    I'm Kevin Andrews and am the Founder of 512MB Hosting. We are a small Minecraft game server hosting company.

    We are accepting pre-orders (your servers will be officially available and online in December, 3).

    We accept PayPal as payment method. Best hurry up before someone takes slot!

    It's $3.40 per month. You will get full FTP access, a within 12-hour answer support staff to resolve your inquiries around the clock, Multicraft control panel, RCON console access, 20 GB Disk per server and UNLIMITED plug-ins. We are able to provide you plugin installation for a small one-time fee, this is part of our semi-managed service.

    Feel free to send your payment using the link below and we will save your payment email address in our records to contact you when our service is released, covered by PayPal's Buyer Protection, of course.

    [link removed]

    Best of luck in becoming a future server admin!

    Want a tip?
    Don't keep wasting money in LEET.CC or Minecraft Server Maker. Here, you pay $3.40 per month and you get everything else *unlimited.

    • As regards to plugins and bandwidth.

    Pop me a private message for further details. We aim to provide dedicated server infrastructure on 5+ nodes with 1Gbit/s uplink ports.

    / Kevin Andrews.

  • Please do not sell Minecraft services on this forum. You have been warned. Next violation is a 7 day ban.

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