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    I'm looking for a Node.js developer, specifically for NodeBB plug-ins. I'd like to create a kind-of external SSO authentication system for my NodeBB.

    I own a Minecraft game server, so registrations will be made through the game. This should enable that when clicking the log-in button on my NodeBB it redirects to my external SSO auth system.

    The SSO auth system should fetch data from the MySQL database and if both credentials are valid it should return to the forum with the user logged in. It's most likely going to require additional forum account configuration, such as email address, because the SSO will only return the username and the password.

    Here are two things you have to do:

    • Create an external secure SSO authentication system using either PHP or Node.js of your choice.
    • Create a NodeBB plugin that's going to process and auth the user to the NodeBB forum.

    I'll pay through PayPal. The job should be done as soon as possible, there's no strict deadline.

    Please private message me if you're interested and feel you have the skill or simply reply to this topic and I'll get back to you whenever possible.

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    You should post a rough idea of your budget if you'd like serious offers from the community.

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    @julian My average budget is $25.00 - $50.00.

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    Contact for further discussion on Skype

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