Detecting user with multiple accounts

  • Hi guys, I wanted to know that Is there a way to recognize a user with fake accounts? Do we have plugin for It ? For example by recording recent IPs and match those with IPs which recorded when user is registering? I know that there are IP hiding apps but You probably know that fake accounts are a big trouble. Do you know a way to solve this problem?


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    You can search by ip by going to /admin/manage/users/search, you can see the IPs for a user by going to their info page.

  • @baris I know this is old... but I wanted to write a script to flag users with same IPs.

    SO I can get the IPs going in their info page. Is there anyway I can call API to get that info?

    So i tried with SITE + '/api/user/' + users[0].userslug + '/info'

    but you know only admin can do that.. is there anyway I can give my API call admin access to run that?

    or in MongoDB where is the list of IPs located?


  • actually the last question I have a reponse:


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    ip:<ip>:uid should help as well. It gives you a list of uids using that IP.

    To make calls as admin you need to first login as the admin user. You can take a look at how we do it in our tests. Another option is to use

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