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    Hey there!

    I'm glad to announce that I've started offering off-site NodeBB deployement services. I'm able to install NodeBB for you on your virtual private server.

    I can give you a price based on the desired database type and the add-ons.

    1. NodeBB & MongoDB: $20 or
    2. NodeBB & Redis: $15

    Installation within 24 hours after verified payment.

    Available add-ons

    • Nginx, PageSpeed & Memcache: $8
    • HHVM (drop-in PHP replacement): $10
    • Semi-managed (technical assistance in case of failure with your NodeBB): $20+ / month

    These services are only available to Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS servers. Please consider switching your server OS in order to guarantee a sucessfull install.

    There are no additional/hidden fees.

    Currently I'm only accepting payments from PayPal/credit card. Private message me if you're interested or pop me an email to [email removed]

    Have a good day,
    Dylan Van Der Westhuizen

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    Banned for being a sockpuppet for @kenygamer. Misrepresentation is not encouraged here.

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    @julian ? Who said that it is a scam ?

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    We at NodeBB want to encourage others to take advantage of the fact that it's open source. We offer premium services for brand name corporate clients, and I'll be the first to admit that our pricing may not be at the right point for smaller companies...

    All that said, we know you've created multiple accounts to disguise the fact that you were as recently as a few days ago asking for help setting up NodeBB.

    If you had just used the same account, it would be acceptable: there's no rules against that!

    I'm sorry but it just sounds dishonest and it's within our rights to point it out to would-be purchasers of your service.

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